Skateboarding Speed Limit on Hill Bombs in LA

Several news outlets are reporting that Los Angeles, California’s City Hall is imposing a new 25 MPH speed limit law on skaters who are hill bombing the city. Skaters will have to follow the rules of the road or be harassed and fined by local law enforcement for not doing so. Check out the links below for more information on the skateboarding ban.

Speed limit for skateboarders? Councilman aims to stop ‘bombing’

The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to seek a speed limit for skateboarders and penalize them for failing to follow basic traffic rules.

LA wants 25 mph speed limit for skateboarders

The City Council on Wednesday ordered a law that imposes a 25 mph speed limit for sidewalk surfers and penalizes them for failing to follow traffic rules, such as stopping for stop signs and yielding for pedestrians.

LA Slaps Speed Limit On ‘Bombing’ Skateboards

Skateboarders in Los Angeles are to be banned from going faster than 25mph as city councillors attempt to stop the fad of “bombing”, it has been reported.

Skateboard Bombing Down Hills Banned in Los Angeles

Skaters will have to stop at stop signs, yield to vehicles and pedestrians, and keep speeds at under 25 miles per hour.

Gandalf Skateboarding

Gandalf the Grey is holding up traffic during some hill bombs. “You shall not pass!”

Malibu Hamish ‘The Illusion’ Hill Bombs

“You know, I don’t always bomb hills. But, when I do, I prefer gray fox.” – Malibu Hamish ‘The Illusion’